Japan’s Biggest Provider of Critical IT Services
Earns M&O Stamp of Approval

NRI, Japan’s largest provider of critical IT services, impressed even
Uptime Institute consultants with nearly perfect scores earning the
M&O Stamp of Approval.

Reconsider Your Diesel Fuel Supply

New diesel formulations put your generators at risk, but taking
precautions can reduce fuel problems.

ENTEL Achieves Uptime Institute Tier Certification
of Operational Sustainability

Tier Certification of Operational Sustainability enhances
ENTEL’s services to customers.

Luxembourg Colo Provides Multi-Tier Options

LuxConnect developed an innovative strategy using
Uptime Institute Tiers to differentiate the services it offers
to key customer groups.

LinkedIn’s Oregon Data Center Goes Live,
Gains EIT Stamp of Approval

Uptime Institute congratulates LinkedIn for earning
our Efficient IT (EIT) Stamp of Approval for its new data
center in Infomart Portland. The facility had exceeds
extremely high standards for enterprise leadership,
operations, and computing infrastructure.


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