CenturyLink Benefits from Its Commitment to Excellence

David Meredith says that CenturyLink’s involvement, including the M&O Stamp of Approval, with Uptime Institute provides mutual benefits. Uptime Institute’s Risk Journal for IT Infrastructure is the most recent example.

CenturyLink’s commitment to operational excellence has become one of the company’s competitive advantages, and David Meredith, a senior VP at CenturyLink, has been an enthusiastic proponent of demonstrating this commitment through third-party verifications. In 2014, CenturyLink decided to pursue Uptime Institute’s Management and Operations (M&O) Stamp of Approval for all 57 of its data centers.

So Uptime Institute was delighted to see Meredith’s comments in LinkedIn about our new publication “Risk Management for IT Infrastructure.” Meredith quoted the book’s central tenet, “The handbook also argues that effective governance requires industry certifications.” The journal provides guidance on avoiding data center capital project failure and applying efficient IT principles to address sustainability risks and IT resilience during a natural disaster.

Meredith writes, “Julian Kudritzki and Matt Stansberry [the book’s editors] point out  that, when the M&O Stamp of Approval is administered across an entire portfolio, it ensures consistency. CenturyLink is a perfect example of utilizing Uptime’s data center operations guidance. As the authors point out, “CenturyLink’s commitment to achieve M&O Stamp of Approval across the board shows it is willing to hold itself to a uniform set of high standards and operate with transparency.”

Meredith and CenturyLink have previously contributed to Uptime Institute publications. Please click on the following hyperlinks for some recent examples:





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