Putting DCIM to Work for You

At Symposium 2013, Erik Ko of Twitter, Hewlett-Packard’s Ken Jackson, and James Pryor of Regions Bank discussed the experience of selecting and implementing DCIM solutions from the end user perspective. The panel was moderated by Uptime Institute’s Kevin Heslin.

Earlier that week, Symposium 2013 attendees heard presentations that focused on the potential for DCIM and some of the barriers to further adoption from 451 Research’s Andy Lawrence and Uptime Institute’s Matt Stansberry. These presentations conveyed a great deal of generalized information.

In this session, the three panelists shared information about the decision to implement DCIM, organizational goals, product selection, and implementation. Twitter, Hewlett-Packard, and Regions bank are very diverse organizations, in different industries, serving different customers, and with dissimilar IT needs. Yet each of the organizations had to make relatively judgments about cost, benefits, implementation times, and benefits to find which DCIM solution fit it best.

It turns out that it is hard to generalize too much about DCIM procurement and implementation, as each organization will have different goals, different pressure points, different needs, and different resources to put to bear.

This almost 45-minute presentation is worth watching in its entirety as the panelists examine the different paths they took to reach functioning DCIM implementations and what effort is required on an ongoing basis.


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