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Diesel exhaust after treatment for data centers

Cleaning up your act: A guide to exhaust standards By Lamont Fortune, PE, United Health Group Are your diesel generators used strictly for emergency or non-emergency purposes? Your answer to this question will tell you just how clean your diesel exhaust has to be by 2015 (and as early as 2014) as far as the […]

How business practices can impair data center availability

Don’t pit man against machine By Charles Selkirk, ATD While data centers in Southern Africa utilize world-class designs and construction techniques, ongoing operational sustainability models struggle to attract and retain sufficient qualified and motivated personnel, in part due to the lack of recognition of the importance of their work (unless something goes wrong!). The Uptime […]

Introducing Uptime Institute’s FORCSS System

A new process to compare IT deployment options across both in-house and outsourced alternatives By Julian Kudritzki and Matt Stansberry, Uptime Institute Uptime Institute FORCSS™ is an original system to capture, compare, and prioritize the various impacts to the many IT deployment alternatives. On an ongoing basis, enterprise organizations decide to deploy IT assets in […]

Accredited Tier Designer Profiles: Adel Rizk, Gerard Thibault and Michael Kalny

Three data center design professionals talk about their work and Uptime Institute’s ATD program. By Kevin Heslin, Uptime Institute Uptime Institute’s Accredited Tier Designer (ATD) program and its Tier Certification program have affected data center design around the world, raised standards for construction, and brought a new level of sophistication to facility owners, operators, and […]

Meeting Data Center Design Challenges in Santiago, Chile

Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designers address particulates and seismic activity in the Chilean capitol. By Panagiotis Laziridis, ATD and Jan Carlos Sens, ATD The city of Santiago, Chile, is a challenging place to site a data center. It has a history of strong earthquakes, it is close to dozens of active volcanoes, and the nearby […]

Building a data center facilities management team from scratch

The Dream Job By Fred Dickerman Editor’s note: Mr. Dickerman’s feature on the challenges of starting a Facilities Team breaks new and unexpected ground, as Mr. Dickerman adapts the new FORCSS methodology to help resolve a staffing question in a hypothetical case. The Uptime Institute did not anticipate this use of FORCSS as it developed […]

Documenting Underfloor Conditions in an Operational Data Center

Excel is the basis of a surprisingly simple visual tool to document underfloor conditions By Chad Beery, ATD Engineers regularly employ pictures and drawings to communicate design ideas. They sketch on whiteboards during a meeting, talk with their hands and sometimes even sketch on the back of napkins. In fact, the deliverables produced by design […]