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Russia’s First Tier IV Certification of Design Documents

Next Step: Preparing for Facility Certification By Alexey Karpov Mordovia Republic-Technopark Mordovia Data Center (Technopark Data Center) is one of the most significant projects in Mordovia (see Figure 1). The facility is a mini-city that includes research organizations, industry facilities, business centers, exhibition centers, schools, a residential village, and service facilities. One of the key […]

Executive Perspectives on the Colocation and Wholesale Markets

An interview with CenturyLink’s David Meredith and Drew Leonard By Matt Stansberry Through our survey data and interactions with global Network members, Uptime Institute has noted large enterprise companies that have gone from running their own data centers exclusively to augmenting with some form of outsourced infrastructure. Does this match your experience? Do you see […]

A Holistic Approach to Reducing Cost and Resource Consumption

Data center operators need to move beyond PUE and address the underlying factors driving poor IT efficiency. By Matt Stansberry and Julian Kudritzki, with Scott Killian Since the early 2000s, when the public and IT practitioners began to understand the financial and environmental repercussions of IT resource consumption, the data center industry has focused obsessively […]

McKesson Retrofits Economizers in Live DC Environment

Pharmaceutical installs economizers in a live site to improve energy efficiency By Wayne Everett, Dean Scharffenberg, and Coleman Jones McKesson Corporation, the oldest and largest health-care services company in the United States, plays an integral role in meeting the nation’s health-care needs. McKesson is the largest pharmaceutical distributor in North America, delivering one-third of all […]

Avoid Target Fixation in the Data Center

Removing heat is more effective than adding cooling By Steve Press, with Pitt Turner, IV According to Wikipedia, the term target fixation was used in World War II fighter-bomber pilot training to describe why pilots would sometimes fly into targets during a strafing or bombing run. Since then, others have adopted the term. The phenomenon […]

Data Center Outages, Incidents, and Industry Transparency

The lack of transparency can be seen as a root cause of outages and incidents By Jason Weckworth I recently began a keynote speech at Uptime Institute Symposium 2013 by making a bold statement. As data center operators, we simply don’t share enough of our critical facilities incidents with each other. Yet Uptime Institute maintains […]

New System Combats Data Center PQ Concerns

Using relevant technologies and techniques to develop an optimized system for addressing data center PQ concerns By Kuochuan Chu For years, engineers and data centers operators have implemented various strategies to improve power quality in mission-critical facilities. We have found, however, that good power quality requires a solid grounding system. By efficiently utilizing the essential […]

Solving Air Contaminant Problems in Data Centers

RoHS-compliant products exacerbate the problem By Christopher Muller, Dr. Prabjit Singh, G. Henry White, and Paul Finch End users have worried about the reliability of electronic gear almost since the introduction of the circuit board. Restrictions on Hazardous Substances (RoHS), or lead-free, manufacturing regulations for electronic equipment that went into effect in 2006 only served […]

TELUS SIDCs provide support to widespread Canadian network

TELUS SIDCs provide support to widespread Canadian network. SIDCs showcase best-in-class innovation and efficiency By Pete Hegarty TELUS built two Super Internet Data Center (SIDC) facilities as part of an initiative to help its customers reap the benefits of flexible, reliable, and secure IT and communication solutions. These SIDCs, located in Rimouski, Quebec, and Kamloops, […]

Data Center Facility Owners See Modules as Efficient Way to Deploy Capital

Compass sets the course with new modular data center approach. The term modular has been used to describe a variety of approaches to data center design. Historically, the first commercially available modular design was a 2007 Sun Microsystems container-based product called the Black Box. Today, the term describes products that range from shipping containers and […]